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Dental Implants
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A dental implant is designed to replace missing teeth. We can use titanium or ceramic implants to replace and restore missing tooth roots. Once set in place, this new root can serve as an anchor for a dental prosthetic, including a crown, bridge or denture. Working with our staff at Keith A. Boenning, DDS, we can review missing or unhealthy teeth and then design a treatment plan taking your health, finances and goals in mind.

The placement of an implant post is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. We sink the implant into the jawbone where the tooth is missing, once healed, it provides a permanent structure to stabilize a prosthetic.

Advanced Implant Services

Dental implants come with a wide variety of options, including how many teeth can be replaced, what material is used, the amount of bone needed, and more. We invite you to learn more about tooth implants and how they can improve your function and help you eat the foods you love.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental Implant surgery is a procedure that involves the placement of a screw-like post underneath the gum tissue and into the jawbone. The screw, made from titanium, acts as the root of a prosthetic tooth and allows your restoration to look and function like a natural tooth. How the dental implant surgery is performed can vary from patient to patient.

Single Tooth Implant

A single implant can be used to restore a single tooth, or as one anchor of a multiple tooth replacement. Though most people don’t realize it, a missing tooth can cause a cascade of problems with your oral health.

When a patient loses a tooth there is an immediate reaction from your supporting jaw bone of absorption. When bone is not being exercised it responds by taking in the resources from that location, if you have ever worn a cast, you probably have noted changes in the bone when the cast is removed. Similarly, when you lose a tooth, the jaw loses bone mass at that location. It may not be visibly noticeable with the loss of one tooth, but with the loss of two or three, your facial shape will change.

Additionally, an open space in your mouth leaves room for neighboring teeth to shift out of alignment. This can cause changes to your bite and affect your jaw. Sometimes patients will suggest that missing teeth will aleve overcrowding, which is commonly stated in orthodontics, the difference is losing a tooth for orthodontics is prior to guided movement of the teeth. A missing tooth allows the neighboring teeth to move out of control and often not in your favor.

Multiple Tooth Implant

Restoring multiple teeth can be done with any combination of implants and healthy teeth which will serve as anchors. Or, the patient may require multiple implants to restore multiple missing single teeth. Depending on the patients needs, we can use dental crowns, bridge or even restore an entire arch of missing teeth.

Missing multiple teeth can cause changes in your jaw support, altering your physical appearance, often causing changes that we associate with being an older look. Dental implants can restore the robustness of a youthful facial shape.

Besides changes to your bone, missing multiple teeth will alter what you can eat and even your speech. We can restore both your function and your natural speech with the placement of implants.

All-on-4® Treatment Concept

The All on 4 system is designed to restore an entire arch of missing teeth in one day. This system doesn’t require the same preparatory work of other implant retained dentures including the bar retained denture or ball retained denture. The All on 4 system uses longer implants designed to reach thicker bone resulting in the permanent retention of your denture, even if you’ve already been wearing a denture for years.

Sometimes referred to as Teeth in a Day, the All on 4 treatment is completed in one day. Your denture is surgically secured with at least four, up to six, dental implants for a permanently retained hold. Though it does require a period of healing and eating only soft foods, quickly your denture will feel firm, secure, and much like your own natural teeth.

Who Is a Candidate for Implants?

You may be surprised to find that most patients are candidates for implants. Because it is only minimally invasive, even our more delicate patients are often approved. The only required measure is if the patient is able to properly heal. Healing is vital to the success of your implants, that is because we rely on osseointegration to occur, meaning the bone can heal and grow around the device. This means that steps may need to be taken for patients who smoke, have uncontrolled diabetes, are in cancer treatment, or are taking certain medications. These things do not eliminate you as a candidate, but we may need to speak with your personal physician prior to surgery and discuss changes for proper healing to occur.

Make sure we are aware of all medical information and medications you are taking, even if it seems irrelevant to your oral health. It may be more relevant than you realize.

Benefits of Implants Vs. Bridges

A dental bridge can be a fabulous restoration, and it is one that we frequently recommend. The downside of a dental bridge is that it often requires the permanent alteration of a healthy tooth. A bridge is designed to have anchor teeth with false teeth between. The anchor tooth is generally a healthy tooth that is shaved down to receive the bridge. It’s best to not disrupt healthy teeth if we don’t have to. We are happy to discuss all options with you.

Tooth Socket Graft

Preserving the tooth socket following the loss of a tooth can make restoration considerably easier. When having a tooth removed request having the socket filled with bone or a bone substitute.

Restoring your Missing Teeth

Dental crowns, bridges or dentures now come with options. We may be able to incorporate them with the use of dental implants, providing you a healthier, long term resolution that is better for your bone. Learn more about what tooth implant can do for you.

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