Advanced Implant Services
Rendered image of a dental implant from Keith A. Boenning, DDS in Towson, MDSome people may not initially qualify for dental implant treatment. If your jawbone is too thin or too soft, the dental implant may not successfully attach to the bone. Luckily, we here at Keith A. Boenning, DDS offer advanced implant services that can improve your chances of receiving implant treatment. Advanced implant services include bone regeneration, ridge augmentation, and platelet-rich plasma procedures. This procedure can reverse some of the damage to your gum and bone tissues by regenerating lost bone and tissue.

Bone Regeneration

The loss of a tooth can cause the bone in your jaw to deteriorate over time. When your jaw bone loses that physical stimulation, it causes the alveolar bone to resorb back into the bloodstream. This can cause problems for implant treatment. To ensure your implant is successful, we may recommend a bone regeneration procedure.

The aim of bone regeneration, as the name suggests, is to encourage your body’s natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue. During the procedure, Dr. Keith A. Boenning will eliminate existing bacteria and placing a membrane that separates the soft and hard tissues. By separating the tissues, we will prevent the soft tissues from growing into areas that were previously occupied by the bone. This also helps to reduce pocket depths and repair damage caused by periodontal disease.

Ridge Augmentation

A ridge augmentation is a fairly common dental procedure that is usually performed after a tooth extraction. During a minor surgery, we will open up the gum tissue and expose the underlying bone. Next, we use grafting material to encourage the growth of healthy, strong bone. Ridge augmentation may involve the entire ridge, or be localized. The localized procedure is known as a socket graft.

Graft material can come from 4 sources:
•  Autograft. This graft material is taken from another bone rich area of your body, such as the hip.
•  Allograft. This graft material is taken from another human donor.
•  Xenograft. This graft material is taken from another species, similar to human volume stability, such as a cow.
•  Alloplast. This graft material is synthesized in a laboratory, and has several benefits over other materials.

After the ridge augmentation, we may need to wait several months for the new bone to grow. Once the socket has completely healed, the bone can be prepared for dental implant placement.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a fairly new approach to tissue regeneration. During wound healing, platelets are some of the first cells to respond to the wound site. The procedure is designed to promote and improve the healing process in many oral and dental surgeries. The plasma is a concentrate of platelet-rich protein taken from your blood and removed from the red blood cells. Studies have shown that PRP can reduce bleeding, enhance soft tissue healing, and improve bone regeneration. The platelet-rich proteins have a greater concentration of growth factors that have proven useful, especially in the alveolar socket after a tooth extraction.

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