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All on 4 Treatment Concept
Towson, MD

Using the All on 4 Treatment Concept we can provide our patients with a full arch of teeth that remain permanently in place. Traditional dentures come with a lot of frustrations, having your denture retained with dental implants remove those frustrations. At Keith A. Boenning, DDS, we can help you have firm, functional teeth when your natural teeth are no longer healthy.

All on 4 is an implant retained denture system that provides edentulous patients (patients with no teeth) with an effective restoration that uses between four and six dental implants to permanently hold your denture in place. Known as an immediate load full arch prosthesis, we can help your denture look and feel much like your own teeth.

The Benefits of Immediate Load Dentures

Having your denture permanently retained provides an abundance of benefits, the biggest being the ability to forget that you have dentures. Additional benefits include:
•  Increased Function: Missing teeth can dramatically decrease the range of foods that you can eat. Wearing traditional loose dentures provide some assistance in increasing what you can chew, but patients frequently complain about dentures rocking on their gums causing irritation or they fear their denture slipping out causing embarrassment. Having your denture retained with tooth implants means that once the bone is healed, you can chew your favorite foods again without rocking or worry that they will come out.
•  Improved Speech: Changes to your speech is another common problem that comes with the loss of teeth, wearing loose dentures doesn’t provide much help. Your speech can return to normal after wearing your retained dentures for a period of time. Your tongue will once again grow used to making contact with your teeth and your speech will begin to feel much more natural again.
•  Maximum Comfort: Loose dentures have never been known for their comfort. The shifting and movement of loose dentures make them difficult to deal with. Having your denture permanently retained removes the feeling of your teeth being false, and helps you grow used to having your teeth firm in your mouth once again. The benefit of forgetting that you’re wearing dentures is huge.
•  Retain Bone Mass: The dental implants are in direct contact with the supporting bone, this means that the energy used from chewing and speaking is transferred to the bone keeping it healthy. Your face will be supported, fuller, and even more youthful looking.

Bone Graft Not Needed

Most implant procedures require a bone graft in preparation for the placement of the implant. Bone grafts are a simple procedure, but can take months of healing before the implant can be placed. The All on 4 system does not require a bone graft because of the implants being used and the angle that they are placed.

The implants for the All on 4 system are longer, designed to capture thicker bone. In addition, the implants are tilted increasing bone-to-implant contact, helping them be firm in their placement.

Learn More

We are excited about the benefits that come with the All on 4 Treatment Concept, we love the comfort they provide our patients. For more information, contact our Towson office at (410) 828-1717.
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